Morrissey Management Group Partners with All-New National Equestrian League Launching in 2021

Bradenton, Fla. – March 18, 2019 – Morrissey Management Group (MMG), one of the premier equestrian event management companies in the United States, is pleased to announce a new collaborative venture with the National Equestrian League (NEL) to bring an exciting new competition format to the sport of show jumping in North America.

The NEL is based on an invitational franchise model with teams facing off in head-to-head competition. The new bracket, elimination style format is designed to thrill, while at the same time being easy to follow and understand for audiences. Created with live and TV broadcast audiences in mind, the NEL will have superior competition, content and event production values, thereby delivering attractive opportunities for stakeholders of the sport such as athletes and commercial partners, including sponsors, media, organizers, spectators and teams.

The NEL was founded by Daniel Entrecanales and Pablo Márquez, the organizers of Madrid Horse Week, with the goal of reinvigorating the sport of show jumping, making it fresh, easy to understand and appealing to watch for new audiences.

“As equestrians ourselves, we wanted to re-energize the sport and share our passion with more people,” said co-founder Márquez. “Now that we have FEI approval, we are excited to partner with MMG to bring our ideas to fruition. MMG has an impressive resume of producing some of the top show jumping events in the U.S. More importantly, however, they share our commitment and vision for the future of our sport, and we look forward to working together to build something very special.”

“For us, it is a great challenge to launch this ambitious project in a country with such great tradition and a strong culture in sports business, where the most successful sporting leagues and events were born and still lead the world of sports today,” said Entrecanales, co-founder and president. “We feel very proud to have the opportunity to join the North American sports community.”

Led by father-son duo Michael and Matt Morrissey, MMG boasts more than 50 years of experience producing some of the most high-profile events in the U.S., including the American Gold Cup CSI4*-W, Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows, Great Lakes Equestrian Festival, National Horse Show CSI4*-W, Upperville Colt & Horse Show, Lake Placid Horse Show and many more.

“We are excited for the opportunity to be a part of the NEL,” said Michael. “We believe the NEL will have a positive and lasting impact on show jumping in North America. It is going to help elevate the level of our events and provide new opportunities to put our sport and athletes in the spotlight. The potential is enormous.”

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